Bruges - what a beautiful and magical place on the Earth!

Last weekend I have been in Bruges with my friend. I have visited this city for the first time in my life and I have to say: what a beautiful and magical place on the Earth! I just loved the architecture and admirable river canals. Did you know that this city is called “The Venice of the North”? I dare say I liked Bruges even more than Venice.

Moreover the weather was amazing and the whole day we were enjoying the sun.

We had a chance to visit The Dali Salvador exhibition (ones again). It was admirable! I put a few photos from this place below.

If you are vegan, I have to say that you won’t die starving because we have seen vegan options in restaurants (surprisingly!). Only one thing you need to remember, you have to eat your lunch before 2 pm, because after this time every restaurants is closed till 6 pm (dinner time).

We’ve even seen vegan bar with waffles but we couldn’t try ones because it was closed super early. Finally we decided to eat spaghetti with pesto in a nice italian restaurant.

If you would like to read what is worth seeing in Bruges, I highly recommend you to visit this blog. You can find information there about other interesting places in the World.

Dali Salvador exhibition