A vegan dietitian in Berlin

I have visited Berlin at the beginning of this year. That was a very short weekend trip. Because I knew before that Berlin has a lot of vegan places (according to Happy Cow it's only about 72 vegan places, but there are 472 vegan option places, lol!). Berlin is a really huge city so it was very important to be prepared for trip.

Therefore I chose a few vegan restaurants. Restaurants, because I really don't like bars and fast food stories. I prefer to visit a restaurant, order wine, eat a meal in calm and nice atmosphere. That is very important to me. 
Check out below which restaurants I chose and what I ate in them. I can recommend you each one of them.


First place which I visited was Quy Nguyen - Vegan Living. A really good south Vietnamese vegan cuisine restaurant. 

Second place was Kopps - Veganes Restaurant & Bar - Berlin/Mitte. A very nice place with vegan fine dining! Everything was beautifully served and service was super nice, attentive. You won't regret coming there, really!

Third place on my list was vietnamese again. It was Chay Long  I don't have very good photos from this place because it was too dark so I borrowed photo from happy cow application.

Last restaurant on my list was 1990 Vegan Living. It was vietnamese cuisine again... The place was nice, service very kind, but I need to admit that I expected something else. After I've read these whole internet recommendations I expected elegant restaurant but the design was really so so... Hmmm maybe it was designed as 90's. Anyway the dishes were tasty.

After these whole vegan experience I visited the art gallery of Salvadore Dali and East Side Gallery and on Saturday evening  I visited Reichstag Dome. The weather was amazing this January.

Salvador Dali Exhibition